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Who We Are

We have association with over 50 business coaches , trainers and consultants in the Latin American region that speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese. We are located in the following countries : Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Paraguay.

Other networks extend to Africa, Europe, Australia, Canada, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA.


Marilena BeusesMARILENA BEUSES (Click for Bio)
General Director
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Marilena Beuses is founder of 4 Total Success. She is a certified Professional Coach by the International Coach Federation. Her extensive  international business background  working as an executive  in Fortune 100 companies  allows her to understand the dynamics of complex business environments . She is bilingual in Spanish/ English and founder of Coaches en Español , the first executive coaching organization to provide exclusive Coaching services in Latin America and to Hispanics leaders around the world. She is also a founding member of the International CEO Center and an active member of the Executive Coaching Summit . Marilena and her team at 4 Total Success choose to work in close international partnerships with coaches and consultants from around the world, with different business backgrounds to serve clients in their diverse business challenges



Mercedes FernandezMERCEDES FERNANDEZ (Click for Bio)
Training Center Director

Mercedes has a MS in Curriculum and Instruction Design  from Penn State University. She is resposible for managing  all of our clients leadership and management  training designs.  Her passion is to bring the lastest technology and research into the field of Organizational development. She is a trainer, focus groups facilitator and instructional designer . Mercedes has the ability to translate the internal organizational knowledge into transferable skills with workshops or virtual content designs  . She has done extensive work in the healthcare, education, government, services and technology areas.




John ArnoldJOHN ARNOLD (Click for Bio)
Executive Coach

John is an Executive Coach and Business consultant who has over 20 years of experience in areas like Executive development, succession planning, strategic planning and business turnarounds. His executive career with companies like Charles Schwabb prepared him well for partnering with C Level clients. John is able to partner and contribute to raise their self awarenness , understand their capabilities and produce better organizational results. 




Mirna Perez

MIRNA PEREZ (Click for Bio)
Executive Coach - Mexico and Caribbean

Mirna Pérez Piris is a Certified Executive Coach with Leadership Coaching Certification from Georgetown University, Washington DC.  She is also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and represented Latin America and the Caribbean in the Global Forum created by the ICF. Mirna has had a fascinating international career in Latin America. She excels at bringing the best out of people . Her  interpersonal skills and international  business savvy are her true differentiators. Mirnahas experience in the fields of training and development, diversity , management, insurance, and marketing, along with academic knowledge in human resources.



Mirna Casasanta

Coach ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) 

Mirna is our psychologist and coach graduated from ADD Coach Academy . She is an expert in  relationships, parenting and women in leadership issues. Mirna has over 15 years of experience in private practice and is considered an expert in the area of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD). Mirna is a frequent speaker in TV channels in the USA and internationally and has written several articles . She has tremendous success in programs for entrepreneurs and women in business and teaching parents how to guide their children with ADD / AD/HD symptoms.




Daniel RosalesDANIEL ROSALES (Click for Bio)
Executive Coach (South Cone Director - Argentina & Chile)







Dante de LuciaDante de Lucia (Click for Bio)
Family business Consultant

Dante is an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Alfred University (USA, 1999) with the passion the development and professionalization of Families in Business. His international graduate study and work experience at AU encouraged him to venture into the Entrepreneurship and Family Business Research & Development arena under intensive faculty – student teamwork activities.





Dante de LuciaSebastian Reyes (Click for Bio)
Strategic Planning Consultant

Sebastian has a 20+ years background in FMCG business, where he held Senior Leading Positions for Unilever in local, regional and global roles, including general management experiences in key markets, and a wide range of product categories. He has been based in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, which provided him with a vast "live" experience on how to run large corporations in volatile economical environment, and different business cultures.


About Us

We are based in Florida and we also have work in partnership with networks of coaches in the United States, Europe, Asia and  Latin American .  Who We Are. We offer Bilingual Coaching and Training services in Spanish and English.

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