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What is Coaching

The goal of coaching is to make you a more balanced and fulfilled person as you also experience success.

A coach helps you remove those obstacles, beliefs that are impeding you to be successful. Just like a sports coach, the coach will uncover the hidden potential within, those great capabilities you already have but that you have not fully developed.

 What is Coaching?  What is not Coaching?
  •  A means for learning and development.
  • Guiding someone toward her or his goals.
  • The mutual sharing of experiences and opinions to create agreed-upon outcomes.
  • About inspiring and supporting another person
  •  An opportunity to correct someone's behaviors or actions.
  • Directing someone to do something to meet goals.
  • Being the expert or supervisor with all the answers.
  • About trying to address personal issues.

 Coaching vs. Managing 

 Coaching?  Managing

Focus On:

  • Exploring

  • Facilitating

  • Partnership

  • Long-term development

  • Open to many possible outcomes.

Focus On:

  • Telling

  • Directing

  • Authority

  • Immediate needs

  • Typically want one specific outcome.

About Us

We are based in Florida and we also have work in partnership with networks of coaches in the United States, Europe, Asia and  Latin American .  Who We Are. We offer Bilingual Coaching and Training services in Spanish and English.

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